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Calling Features


Anonymous Call Rejection $2.00 / month

Anonymous Call Rejection prevents telephone numbers with the Line Block feature from ringing your telephone. The caller receives voice instructions on how to unblock their number so that the call will then be accepted.Use dial code *77


Call Forwarding $2.00 / month

Call Forwarding allows you to transfer incoming calls to another number of your choice.


Caller ID $4.95 / month

Caller ID allows you to see the incoming telephone number and/or name of the caller before you answer the telephone.


Call Waiting For Caller ID $2.00 / month

When you are on the phone, a beeping tone will alert you of an incoming call. Call Waiting For Caller ID displays the name and phone number of the incoming call.


Continuous Redial $2.00 / month

Allows you to dial a code that will automatically redial the last number you dialed. If the called number is busy, the feature will redial the called number for a limited period of time. A distinctive ring will alert you when the called number becomes available.Use dial code *66


Priority Call $2.00 / month

Allows you to assign a maximum of eight callers’ telephone numbers to a special list. When someone from the list calls you will hear a distinctive ring.Use dial code *61


Selective Call Acceptance $2.00 / month

There are times that you only want to hear from certain people. You can create a list of up to 8 numbers that you want to be able to contact you. Calls from numbers not contained in your list will hear an announcement that informs them you are not receiving calls at this time.Use dial code *64


Selective Call Forwarding $2.00 / month

Selective Call Forwarding allows you to specify a special list of a maximum of 8 telephone numbers. Incoming calls placed to you from telephone numbers on that list will automatically be forwarded to a predefined telephone number. All other calls will be handled normally.Use dial code *63


Selective Call Rejection $2.00 / month

Call Rejection allows you to create a list of telephone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls. Calls from telephone numbers on your list are sent an announcement that informs the caller you are not receiving calls from them.Use dial code *60



 THREE WAY CALLING $2.00 / month

Three way calling now gives you the possibility for you to talk to two people at the same time. You will save time doing callbacks, whether it is for confirming family or business plans. It is as easy as pressing the hookswitch

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